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Volume 2 No. 4  December 2016, pp 1-66


Editorial: December 2016.pdf


Full copy: Dec 2016.pdf


Individual articles:

Durian breeding in Thailand ... Karolien Bais ...  pp6-8

Thai durian breeder Dr. Songpol Somsri creates new kinds of durians breeding in Thailand.pdf


The ornamental freshwater fish trade in
Malaysia ... Casey Ng ... pp9-20

The collection, breeding and marketing of ornamental fishes is a sizable industry. ornamental freshwater fish trade in Malaysia.pdf


Climbers for a perpetual-flowering tropical
garden ... F.S.P. Ng ... pp21-34

An outdoor perpetual-flowering garden in the tropics can be created by careful choice of
plants. for a perpetual-flowering tropical garden.pdf


Farming the Amur Sturgeon (Acipenser
shrenckii) and the Mississippi
paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) in Malaysia ... Larry Lim, in interview with Francis Ng ... pp35-43

Sturgeon, a fish of subarctic and temperate waters, is famous as the source of the luxury
food, caviar. The Amur Sturgeon is now being farmed successfully for the first time in the
tropics, in Malaysia. the Amur Strugeon (Acipenser shrenckii) and the Mississippi paddlefish (Polyodon spathula) in Malaysia.pdf


Landscaping with tropical bamboos ... Charles Teh ... pp44-48

The author is a bamboo specialist from Malaysia now practising in Florida, USA. with tropical bamboos.pdf


MAHA 2016... Elaine Yim ... pp49-57 

The Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture and Agrotourism (MAHA) International Show or MAHA
2016 was held for 11 days from 1st to 11th December 2016 at the Malaysia Agro Exposition
Park Serdang (MAEPS), an exhibition facility with indoor and outdoor venues spanning an
area of 125 hectares. 2016.pdf


Book review:Pictorial Guide to Oil Palm Cultivation
and Mammalian Pests... reviewed by P.S. Tong ... pp58-59 - Pictorial guide to oil palm cultivation and mammalian pests.pdf 


Book review: Organic Soils of Malaysia ...  reviewed by B. H. Lim ... pp60-61 - Organic soils of Malaysia.pdf




Front cover: Betta persephone, the Johor fighting fish.

Back cover: Leaf of Colocasia gigantea.